We sailed 50NM to Miami today. Our trip really is coming to an end now. To be back in the USA on our boat doesn’t feel real. We activated our old SIM cards in our iPhones and just like that, we were up and connected. We went though the Government Cut and anchored just under a bridge and by the Miami Yacht Club. First things first, we had to go to customs to officially check back into our home country. We jumped into the dinghy to go to customs. We remembered to throw life jackets in the dinghy because they are required in the USA. Thank goodness we did because we were stopped almost right away by the cops. A female officer sternly said to us, “What are you doing with a baby on this small craft. Don’t you know how dangerous that is.” Chris calmly said, “Well, we are anchored out by the Miami Yacht Club and we need to get to the customs office.” The officer ignored Chris’s comment and again told us how dangerous it was to have a baby on our dinghy. I then snapped, “What do you want us to do, swim her into land?!” The officer didn’t like that at all and quickly reprimanded me. I realized that I better just shut up and let Chris do the talking. The male officer came onto the deck of their boat to help defuse the situation also. Then Chris and he just talked about where the customs office was and how we were to get there. Ugh, me and my big mouth sometimes. If that officer had only known all the places Finley has been in her 18-months of life. Shoot, she’s been on this dinghy just about every day since she was 2-months old! We’ve been in the USA for only a few hours and we are already getting harassed!

We found customs and successfully checked into the USA. We were harassed again by a cop on our way into the customs office parking lot but ultimately they let us into the building. We are legally back home. We returned to the boat right away since it was getting dark and we don’t have lights for the dinghy. We didn’t want a third run in with the police today! When we got back to the boat we spent the next few hours calling friends and family members. We wanted to shout the news… We have arrived! We have circumnavigated! We are engaged! I mean, where’s the parade??

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After the Lofgren’s left we started our trip to Florida. We have to be back in Florida by June 1st to be out of the “hurricane zone” per our boat insurance so we needed to keep moving along. We sailed from Nassau to Chub Cay, which was about 40NM. The next morning we woke up early to sail from Chub Cay to Cat Cay. This leg would be long so we left as the sun was rising. It was 5:30am. We would be crossing the Great Bahama Bank on this leg and it would be about 75NM. This would also be the leg where we cross our circumnavigation longitude mark. We will have circled the globe after this leg.

It was a beautiful day on the ocean. The water was shallow and crystal clear. We could see individual blades sea grass on the sandy bottom. We sailed with the spinnaker and main sail out but eventually we had to turn the engine on. Finley was napping and Chris and I had just showered while the water maker filled our tank with fresh water. We were hanging out on the bow of Tumbleweed waiting to cross over our circumnavigation line. We were reminiscing about the past few years, the good times, the hard times, and the changes that have come about in our lives. Then Chris said, “I want this trip to be just the beginning of our lives together.” Then he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him! I was so shocked that I thought he was kidding at first. Then he pulled out this amazing, gorgeous ring. I started crying. He had to ask me 3 times if that meant yes. This man is so full of surprises, how could I ever resist him. Finally I was able to talk and say YES.

We have been on adventures from the ocean to the mountain tops. We have lived in a very small space for a very long time. We have learned to work together, communicate, and most importantly make up. We have been present for more sunrises and sunsets in the past 3.5 years then most will witness in their lifetime. We have encountered snow storms, sand storms, and thunder storms, always followed by beautiful and amazing weather shortly after. We have experienced things that no one will understand or comprehend. We have circumnavigated the globe on a sailboat. We have a beautiful, active, and opinionated 18 month-old daughter. Now we will get married. I guess being a “conventional” US family is still an option for us! icon wink May 20th, 2015:  Can this trip be more glorious?  The Bahamas to Florida, USA I love you Christopher Louis Kurowski and I will happily be your wife.

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The Lofgren Family was on Tumbleweed for 14 days. We went from Turks & Caicos to the Bahamas. We then cruised through the Exuma Islands and ended at the Atlantis Resort and Water Park in Nassau. It was a blast with the three kids on board! icon smile PICTURES!  The Lofgren Family visits Tumbleweed

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The Lofgren Family on Tumbleweed

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