We moved Tumbleweed north through Eustatia Sound and to the west side of the private Eustatia Island. We wanted to swim, snorkel and have fun in the water. My dad and I went snorkeling and when we returned, I sent my mom out on the paddle board. It was pretty windy and she immediately started getting swept back by the wind. To make matters worse, I didn’t hook up the leash from the board to her leg. I thought she would be alright… then she fell off the board. She yelled back to the boat that she needed some help and I told her to, “GET THE BOARD!” She tried but I could tell it was getting away from her fast. I jumped into the water and swam as fast as I could to save the board. It seemed like they were a mile away by the time I reached my mom. Thank goodness she had on a floaty to help her swim. She said she was alright so I went for the board. By the time I got to the board I was exhausted. I paddled the board to my mom and then helped her up. She sat and paddled while I kicked the board from behind. With the wind and current, it was a struggle just to make progress towards the boat. Eventually we made it back. Ugh, lesson learned. Paddle boarding on a windy day requires an experienced paddler and/or at least the leach! After lunch Chris and I went on a huge snorkel mission. We dinghied out to the far reef and swam around. We ended up circling all of Eustatia Island and snorkeled over all the outer reefs. We found the mecca of conch. Big, small, dead and alive. There were tons of them. We could have stuffed our whole freezer with conch. We started collecting the large ones when we had a change of heart. Did we really want to kill them? Did we really want to clean them? Did we really want to eat them? We decided no, no and no. We put them all back. Live on, conch!

It was starting to get late by the time we got back from our huge snorkel mission. We wanted to go to Saba rock for the evening. We were a bit nervous about the dinghy ride over there and back. We had to cross a huge reef and were didn’t want to do that in the dark. We decided to move the whole boat closer so that we didn’t have to worry.

We headed up to Saba Rock and arrived just in time to see the tarpon feeding show. Tarpon are huge fish (with no teeth) that are often seen in this area. They are 3-4 feet long and fat too. They fight for the food and put on a good show. We then had a few beers before heading back to the boat for dinner. Even with 4 adults, it’s just easier to eat at home then out at a restaurant these days with Finley.

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The next morning we headed up to North Gorda Sound and anchored off of Prickly Pear Island again. We went ashore for some beach time at the Sand Box Bar. We found a shaded table on the beach less then 100 yards away from where Tumbleweed was anchored. After hours of hanging out, we headed back to the boat to prepare for our night out. We were going to dinghy the mile across the North Gorda Sound, to Leverick Bay, for the Pirate Show. We all showered and prepared for the evening. Chris and I ended up getting soaking wet on the dinghy ride over, but we were just in time. I didn’t know you needed reservations for dinner but we lucked out by landing a table by a “no-show” group. The Pirate Show is technically just one man, originally from Michigan, who dresses up like a pirate and sings songs. He sings some of his own originals and plenty of Caribbean covers by people like Jimmy Buffett. It was a fun show where he interacts with the crowd and Finley enjoyed playing her water-bottle maraca along with the music. The show got cut a little short by a rain storm but overall, we had a ton of fun. The dinghy ride back was much calmer then the ride there and we were back before it was completely dark.

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The next day we headed to the Baths. I was excited to try to get a mooring since they were all taken the last time Chris and I were here. Of course we just missed the last open mooring so we headed to the beach just north. This “missed” mooring lead to tension on the boat between Chris and I. Maybe it was all the beer we had been drinking, maybe it was just too much time on the boat. Chris and I got into a huge fight over “why” we missed the mooring and what to do about it. It was ridiculous and after we anchored, I took Finley and my parents to the beach while Chris stayed the boat. We needed some time apart to settle the dust. After some beach time, we decided to move Tumbleweed back down to an open mooring near the Baths. From there we tried to dinghy into land but didn’t have a set plan. I think you can only SWIM into land and that dinghies are not allowed on the beach. This was not going to work for us and Finley. Yes, we have swam Finley into land a ton of times, but we were not prepared to do it this time. We looked around the huge boulders trying to find a place to land the dinghy and then decided to just bag the whole “bath beach” idea and head back to Tumbleweed. It didn’t help that Chris and I were still being short with one another. We then moved the boat near Spanish Town for the night. By the time we went into land in Spanish Town, Chris and I were finally over our spat and we all had a fun time eating and drinking Painkillers, Rum Punch and beer. Oh yea, we also chased Finley around! icon smile March 31st, 2015:  The Baths on Virgin Gorda, BVIs After dinner we stopped at the small marina grocery store and socked up on 4 more cases of beer. We are averaging just under a case a beer a day right now. That’s a lot of beer between 4 people!

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