May 27th, 2015: The return to Regatta Pointe Marina

by Sara on May 27, 2015

We went from the Everglades to Naples and then we spent a night anchored off of Sanibel Island near Fort Meyers. We had a great time in Naples followed by a horrible night on anchor near Sanibel. The wind shifted directions on us in the middle of the night and we found ourselves in an onshore breeze, close to shore, in 5 feet of water. We pulled anchor at 3am and moved further out in the channel which brought on rougher conditions. We moved again and finally found the sweet spot where the water was calmer but we were a bit further away from the shore. It was a sleepless night. We got a late start away from Sanibel Island which led to a full day of sailing/motoring to get to the marina. Finally we were approaching the Manatee River and the marina where we bought our boat. It was a bittersweet feeling, pulling up to the marina. We were told that we would be going into the exact same slip we were in 3.5 years ago to only find out that they really wanted us in a whole different area of the marina. After doing a few circles inside the marina, and a few phone calls to the dock master, we figured out where our new slip would be. At this point we were exhausted, Finley was screaming, the wind was blowing, and the current was running fast. We bailed on pulling into the tight space and pulled out of the marina to anchor for one last night. We would dock up in the marina first thing in the morning. I was excited to be there, but also very glad that Chris made the safe decision to scout out the new slip first after some rest and sleep. It would be tragic to have something horrible happen this close to the end!

I am also in the mode of “this is the last time…” So this was our “last” night on anchor. And our “last” dinghy ride. And our “last” time pulling into a marina. And Finley’s “last” time this and “last” time that. I think Chris is getting sick of it but I just can’t help it! Our epic trip is ending. icon sad May 27th, 2015:  The return to Regatta Pointe Marina

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