May 25th, 2015: A night in the Everglades and Finley is 1.5 years old

by Sara on May 25, 2015

Last night was rough. After a full day of sailing, we were exhausted. We made it around the tip of Florida and found an anchor spot in the middle of the Everglades National Park. It was hot and Chris was excited to fire up the generator (which we barely ever use) and turn on the air conditioning (which we really never use). Now was the time to use them, though. Of course things never go as planned. The generator quit on us right when we wanted/needed it the most. UGH! We are days away from being done and the generator quits?! Chris worked on it for a bit but then gave up saying that it will have to be fixed when we reach the marina in Bradenton. I guess that means no air conditioning for the night.

It was so stinking hot and there were bugs galore. Chris woke up in the middle of the night and turned on the lights to find our cabin full of bugs. We had the screens in but the bugs were finding their way in through the cracks. We got out the electric fly swatter and started the massacre. We must have killed 50 mosquitos, flies, horse flies and gnats. Gross. The worst part was that we didn’t get them all and they were still flying around us all night. We need to get out of the Everglades.

We woke up at 7am and got underway. Today is also Finley’s official 18-month old birthday. She is now 1.5 years old. So mature! icon wink May 25th, 2015:  A night in the Everglades and Finley is 1.5 years old Her latest words are phone (pronounced moan) and Elmo (pronounced Mel-mo). She also runs around repeating “Bobbie” all the time but we have no idea who or what Bobbie is. She nods her head no when she doesn’t want something and yes when you finally guess what it is that she wants. She has 16 teeth and a toothy, wide open mouth grin. Her dimples are adorable and her hands and feet are huge. She’s like a lion cub with oversized paws for her body. She loves to play in her little pool on hot days and still enjoys books and reading. The phone and iPad are becoming quick favorites though. How are you supposed to keep technology out of the hand of kids these days? She’s full of energy and very active. The Lofgren’s were impressed with her energy levels saying they don’t remember their boys being that active. Neal was also greatly impressed with her balance. He would be falling all over the boat, while we were underway, and Finley just walked around unfazed by the movement. Finley cranks the spinnaker winch and says “line” and “knot” as she points them out around the boat. She’s a true boat baby. She also grabs our masks and snorkels and puts them on herself. I think if we had just a few more months on the boat, she’d be snorkeling. I’m sad that her boat days are coming to an end, but hopefully we have instilled a love for sailing and a desire to return to the water. Then we can do this trip all over again in a few years!

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Dan June 3, 2015 at 12:48 am

“Then we can do this trip all over again in a few years!” — Heck yes!!! Don’t forget, Becky is a teacher :). I’m envisioning a little home-school flotilla circumnavigating the world :)

Sara June 21, 2015 at 10:02 pm

Becky, we are counting on you to educate our kids then! Flotilla, here we come! :)

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