March 26th, 2014: The start to our Atlantic Ocean Crossing

by Sara on March 26, 2014

We waited until Wednesday to leave for our big Atlantic Crossing. We are headed to Salvador, Brazil. I’m proud that we didn’t get antsy and leave early. The wind seemed to have calmed down and hopefully the swell out at sea has followed suit. The mooring field at St. Helena has been very uncomfortable the last few days with the big swell passing through. We tied our mooring lines tight when we arrived and it ended up being a good thing as all the other boats in the field have become very tangled around their mooring buoys. I even swam over to Carl’s boat on Monday afternoon to help him untangle his mooring lines one last time before we left. I knew he was going to want to leave soon and a tangled mooring line could possibly hold him up. When we left Wed. morning, I noticed his mooring lines were tangled once again… bummer, he may have to get a diver from land out to help him again. I slid off the front bow of Tumbleweed and onto the big mooring buoy to untie our lines. Once I was on the big mooring buoy, it was like riding a bucking bronco. I had on my swimming suit just in case I got dumped over but I was glad that I was able to untie our lines and get back on Tumbleweed without getting wet for the day. We are off!

We set the jib and waited to see what the sea conditions were like further away from the protection of the island. After about an hour we realized that the wind was going to stay at about 12 knots so we set the spinnaker. It is now day 3 and we haven’t touched the spinnaker yet! We have been talking on the SSB radio every morning and evening to our cruising friends that are crossing to Ascension Island. The sailing vessel (s/v) Green Ghost, with the Canadians Jennifer and Nik on board, had their autopilot crash. They had to hand steer for the last 3-4 days of their passage. We were glad to hear that they made it to Ascension Island safely.

Finley has become a diaper baby. We haven’t put clothes on her once since we left St. Helena. It’s been hot and there is no need for clothes when you are out in the middle of the big, blue sea! We have also moved her bed down into the starboard side aft bunk. She is out of our bedroom for good. I think this will allow all of us to get more sleep. Finley is flipping over more and more now too. Every time we lay her on her back, she flips over to her belly. She hates being on her belly though so she then starts screaming for help. She hasn’t really figured out how to consistently flip back over. We’re trying to teach her so that she doesn’t need our help so often!

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