March 24, 2015: The Bitter End, Saba Rock, Cain Garden Bay and Jost Van Dyke, BVIs

by Sara on March 24, 2015

We explored the Bitter End marina complex and Saba Rock before heading back west towards the USVIs. We had a few more nights before my parents came aboard so we wanted to get moving. We stopped on the northern coast of Tortola for one night at Cane Garden Bay. We anchored inside the reef. We knew we might be in for a rolly night with the northern swell that was building. We still thought we would be ok though. I mean, we’re in a catamaran, right?! We headed into the beach and found it to be one of our favorites so far. It had a great atmosphere and the beers were cheap (unlike the $7 happy hour beers we paid for up in the Northern Sound). I also chatted with another cruiser mom that had 3 daughters on board and a little dog. This lady came paddle boarding into shore with her 3-year-old on the board and the dog. I knew I needed to chat her up and get some pointers. It was great talking to her and Finley enjoyed playing with her 9-year-old and 3-year-old girls. Soon it was dinner time though and since we don’t eat meals out anymore, it was back to the boat for us. As the evening grew into night, the swell kept picking up. It was one of our worst nights at anchor. By the time the sun came up, Chris and I were ready to move the boat. There was a 4-foot breaking wave about 20 feet from us that made our night miserable. We pulled anchor and watched the surfers catch waves in the channel that we were departing through.

We headed to Jost Van Dyke for our last 2 nights in the BVIs. We anchored in Great Harbour and were really excited when our friends from the s/v Green Ghost pulled in a few hours behind us. We would have friends to hang out with for a few days! The Ghost radioed us and we decided to head into Foxy’s Beach Bar for happy hour drinks. This was where I got my first taste of a bushwhacker, which is a common frozen drink in the Virgin Islands. We have seen it advertised everywhere but haven’t ordered one until this day. It is basically a chocolate milkshake that is totally pumped full of alcohol. After 2 of these and watching Finley play with the maracas and other kids at the bar, I was in heaven. We all decided to stay for dinner. The buffet wasn’t anything special about but I had a great time hanging out with Nik and Jennifer.

The next day was a hangover day. We are not as young as we used to be. The beer, the bushwhackers, the painkillers, and other drinks caught up with both Chris and I by that next morning. We spent most of the day recovering. We did muster up some energy to go into the beach that evening for Finley to run off some steam. She played with her “bucket man” sand toy and ran the beach from side to side and top to bottom. She’s really good at going into the water just deep enough to rinse off her bucket, shovel, or hands but not far enough to get taken out by a wave. It’s amazing how fast these little creature learn and adapt. Every time Finley goes into the water, she is always aware of the waves. She will sprint back up the beach when she hears the waves start to break. She doesn’t even have to SEE the wave anymore. She hears it and starts running for higher ground.

The following morning we checked out of the BVIs in Great Harbour, JVD, but then decided to dinghy over to White Bay with Green Ghost for one last beach filled morning. White Bay was a hopping place with the infamous Soggy Dollar Bar. We had lunch there and then walked the beach before saying goodbye to Jenn and Nik. I think this will be the last time we see them… maybe ever. They are heading back down to Trinidad to store their boat for the summer and we are heading north to Florida to sell the boat. We have known them since Cape Town, South Africa and I will miss them greatly. I know we’ll stay in contact and I really hope we see them again (sooner rather then later). We dinghied back around the point to Great Harbour and left to sail back to the USVIs. We found a private sweet spot in between 2 uninhabited rock islands near St. Thomas. One was called Congo Cay. We picked up a mooring ball for the night and enjoyed the solitude and beauty of the area. The whole family took a swim later that day and rested up for the arrival of Mimi and Babu the following day. They were flying into St. Thomas and taking a taxi to Red Hook where we would be anchored. I was super excited to have them join us AGAIN! icon smile March 24, 2015:  The Bitter End, Saba Rock, Cain Garden Bay and Jost Van Dyke, BVIs

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