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by Sara on June 25, 2015

We have been back in Bozeman for just over a week now and I can not stop writing about our daily happenings… I think a “Land Blog” is in order. One of Chris’s friend’s made a comment once about Tumbleweed being a silly name for a boat. This friend then said, “what do you call your house in Bozeman, MT? Sargassum?” Of course I had to look up what “Sargassum” meant. The Wikipedia definition is as follows:

“Sargassum is a genus of brown macroalgae (seaweed). Numerous species are distributed throughout the temperate and tropical oceans of the world, where they generally inhabit shallow water and coral reefs, and the genus is widely known for its planktonic (free-floating) species.

Sargassum is seaweed that is floating around in the oceans. Since Tumbleweed is basically defined as dead plants blowing around in the wind, I think sargassum (or seaweed) fits as our new nickname for our land house. I think a “Seaweed Adventure” blog may be in order… hmmmmm… Stay tuned…

hamptonstumbleweed by michaelanthony Land Blog **coming soon**

Goodbye Tumbleweed!

440px Sargassum on the beach Cuba 300x199 Land Blog **coming soon**

In with the Seaweed!

440px Sargassum weeds closeup 300x224 Land Blog **coming soon**

Sargassum or Seaweed on the beach

Lines of Sargassum 224x300 Land Blog **coming soon**

Seaweed floating in the ocean

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Kim June 25, 2015 at 10:42 am

I look forward to following your new blog! Sending you, Chris and especially Finley lots of love and hugs.

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