February 22, 2015: A move to Anse du Colombier, St. Barts

by Sara on February 22, 2015

We went to land and walked around Gustavia some more. Chris tried to call his brother, Ryan, for his birthday but couldn’t get a hold of him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RYAN! We checked out of the country and then found a bakery for one last French cafe and a few baguettes. They are Finley’s favorite after all…

We headed back to the boat around noon in order to move around to Anse du Colombier, a beach that can only be reached by a long hike or a boat. The Rockefeller family used to own the beach. As Tumbleweed rounded the rocks on the northwest corner of St. Barts, I wondered why the Rockefeller’s would ever sell such a beautiful piece of property. We anchored as close to the beach as we could and Chris started working on our water maker. It hasn’t worked since Antigua. Chris fixed it in Antigua and it worked perfectly for about a day. Now it isn’t working AT ALL. I jumped in the water and tried to unplug the thru hull intake to see if that helped. I also unplugged the sail drive exhausts while I was under the boat working. After about an hour in the water, jamming a coat hanger in the thru hulls and sail drives, it was time for me to be done. At this point, Chris was very frustrated with the water maker. He thinks it might be the clark pump. It will have to wait until we get to St. Martin for the full repair.

After dinner we headed into the beach to walk around. Finley loved it. She ran and played in the sand, water, and on the rock paths that were, I assume, built by the Rockefeller’s. The sun was dropping quickly and after it was completely below the horizon, it started to really get dark. We thought it was best to head back to the boat. There was a guy on the beach trying to flag down a member of his boat in order to pick him up. He asked for a ride and we said, “Sure!” I was happy for the extra hand getting the dinghy into the water and through the big waves that were crashing in hard. With 3 people, it was a cinch. Finley needs to start pulling her weight to help launch and land the dinghy! icon smile February 22, 2015:  A move to Anse du Colombier, St. Barts

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