April 5th, 2014: Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

by Sara on April 5, 2015

We had one last BVI destination to hit. It was Jost Van Dyke and the Soggy Dollar Bar. Last time we came to JVD, Chris and I anchored in Great Harbour the whole time. This time we headed straight for White Bay and dropped the anchor inside the reef. White Bay was an amazing beach. Everywhere we go there seems to be advertisements for “the best beach in the Caribbean” or “one of the best beaches in the world!” Well, in my opinion, this was one of the better beaches. The water was shallow and warm, the sand was clean and white, the atmosphere was party by day and chill by evening. It was Easter weekend so there seemed to be even more boats here for the holiday. There were at least 6 huge motor boats (all Puerto Rican) that were rafted up together and anchored to land. One boat blared party music from their huge speakers. It set the upbeat tone for the day. There was great music, the Painkillers were flowing, and we had a fun time.

We stayed 2 nights in White Bay. The next day was Easter Sunday so everything at the beach was much more chill. My parents, Finley, and Chris all piled into the dinghy and Chris pulled me behind the dinghy on the paddle board. I was trying to surf the wake of the dinghy but mostly just had fun getting pulled around. I then paddle boarded around a bit with Finley (she loves the paddle boards) and we all hung out at the beach. We had a great Easter dinner back on the boat. My mom brought plenty of Easter presents from herself and my sister for Finley, but we had already opened them up the day they arrived (a week ago). My family is not so good at waiting to open gifts! Therefore Finley had already colored and gone through her Easter sticker book and had already worn most of her new Easter clothes. She already fell in love with her new singing Mimi Mouse stuffed animal and there was no egg decorating or hunting this year. What we did get for Easter, however, was Finley first 2-syllable word! It was BABU! Finley now says Babu. I think Mimi and Babu have made quite the impression on our little sailor girl!

On that note, here are a few of Finley’s other words. First of all, she says mom and dad. But it’s not mommy or mama. It’s just “mom,” which actually comes out as, “mum” most of the time. And it’s just “dad,” not daddy or da-da. Just mom and dad. Some of her other favorite words are hat, moon, book, buck (for bucket man, her sand toy), out, and milk. On the same day Finley said Babu, she also said, “uh-oh” and now uses that word constantly. Finley also barks, moos, meows, roars and says baaa all the time.

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