April 27, 2015: Big Sand Cay to Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos

by Sara on April 27, 2015

We thought we would get moving early to head to Grand Turk Island. That was until we tried to start the engines. The port side engine would not start. Chris tore apart the bed to get down to the engine and then had to tear apart the starboard side bed to get to tools and that engine. The battery was dead. We eventually had to start the generator to get the engine started. It took about an hour of Chris working fervently in the heat. Have I mentioned that we have entered the land of HOT weather? The Caribbean from Trinidad to Puerto Rico seemed to be perfect weather. Not too hot and always breeze. I’m not sure if this is just a “heat wave” or if this is the norm, but it is HOT and no breeze. It’s Panama hot. It’s “sweat just sitting” hot. It’s H-O-T, HOT! After Chris got both engines working we motored (since there was NO breeze) to the island of Grand Turk. We first stopped and anchored near the cruise ship dock so we could check into the country. Chris went in with our passports and I stayed on the boat with Finley. When he returned he verified that it was going to be $100 for 7 days here in Turks and Caicos. Our 2011 guide book said it would be $15 but we heard that the fee has risen. That means we are going to have to boogie through this country and leave as soon as we pick up the Lofgren family. Yes, we will have more visitors soon. Chris’s friend Neal, his wife, Catrina and their 2 boys, Oliver (9) and Elliot (7) will be joining us in Provo. They come exactly 6 days from now so we’ll have to check out of the country 1 day after they arrive. Yes, we could stay longer but it will be $300 for extra time. Screw that.

Now that we were checked into the country we wanted to move to Cockburn Town, about 2 miles north of the cruise ship dock. At this point we could only get the starboard side engine working. We stopped to snorkel over the “Coral Bank” on the way to Cockburn Town and then anchored off the city. When we shut down our one working engine in Cockburn Town anchorage, we couldn’t get it started again. Both batteries are now not working. We have no engines… Chris headed into town to try to track down batteries.

Here’s a random thought on the day… Chris woke up grumpy this morning. He was grumpy before his 2nd cup of coffee. I wonder if his grumpy attitude karmically lead to both batteries being fried OR if Chris is so “in tune” to this boat that he woke up knowing something major was going to go wrong. Hmmmm….. Either way, here we are in the middle of nowhere (aka paradise) trying to find necessary boat parts.

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